This page is for incidents that have happened during the course of the season or questions asked about rules, this is to make you get a better understanding of the rules

Now I cannot put word for word in from rule book due to copyright laws but will get close around it as I can, in case your wondering I was grade 2 back along

For those that like to buy a rule book they are £7.99 from the WPBSA or download one free using this link

There is referee examiners nearby for those that maybe like to become grade 2 or get to know the game better, just follow the EASB link

Email me if you have any questions
Tips to be a better referee

1, Stand behind player playing shot, or out of view but be in a position to be able to see if any fouls could be committed
2, Treat all players the same
3, Do call scores out during frame so that players and more so the spectators feels they know whats going on
4, Keep control of the room, players don't like people talking when playing shots so referee always say "quiet please" to the room, also advise spectators not to help players during the frame
5, Know where rests/extensions are and check that they are in good condition , it don't look good when you stop the game looking for item
6, If possible try to keep game flowing by giving rest/extension to players and put back
7, If a team match always put the home team on top of scoreboard
8, If a player goes in-off keep the cue ball on you while you puts scores on if you not got a marker, some players are quick to play and you might miss something
9, During match, keep eyes on pockets because they soon fill up, so as a guide to avoid looking silly no more than 3 balls a pocket this will make it easier for when players are on the colours
Can you pot a ball on with a free ball
Yes you can, player A goes for yellow which rattles the pocket and stays there, however during the stroke player A caused a foul leaving player B with a free ball as obstructed its by the green ball, player B nominates the green ball (points value 2) to pot the yellow, if the green get potted at well then just the green goes back on its spot scoring just 2 points in the process

Can a referee give different in scores?
No, its down to the players to do the maths

When snookered do I say what ball I am nominating
If the referee asks then you should answer, failure to answer is a foul when the stroke is played, the referee might not ask if he/she can see its obvious which ball your going for

Can I leave the  rest/extension on table for referee to take it away?
It is down to the player to remove from table, a foul is committed if it touches any ball, however should you use item that belongs to that table and it falls apart when removing (say the X comes off the rest) then no foul is committed, but should you be using your own then a foul will be called

I am 7 in front, fouls the black so do the black stay where it is?
You now re-spot the black

Player A pots a red, without thinking then goes and plays at another red
Player A is fouled 7 points

Player B uses the yellow ball as a cue-ball to play a shot
Player B is fouled 7 points

Putting the cue away or taking cue apart before frame has ended would mean that the player has conceded the frame, been a few cases where for example player A needs black to win but after playing a shot leaves the black on for player B, player B see's his opponent have conceded so relaxes his shot so don't pot or fouls the black letting player A back in

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